By Jim Abbott 01 Nov, 2016

I have been the business of college athletics for over 20 years and have had the privilege of interacting with many outstanding “game changers” in the sports industry. Several of these people are leaders in small college athletics. The Business of Small College Athletics (BOSCA) workshop is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in having first-hand contact and networking opportunities with small college “game changers”. This is a must-attend event that is affordable, impactful, and highly engaging.  I highly recommend it to anyone in small college athletics.

Paul Plinske, Ph.D.

Athletic Director - University of Nebraska - Kearney

By Jim Abbott 01 Nov, 2016

The Business of Small College Athletics provides an outstanding opportunity for administrators within the intercollegiate athletic profession to maximize their potential in order to best serve their institution. This seminar series features excellent speakers who present a wide array of topics that are relevant and cutting edge. The personable atmosphere of the BOSCA workshop is 2nd to none and enables all attendees to network with some of the finest athletic administrators in the intercollegiate athletic profession.

William Weidner

Athletic Director - University of the Southwest

By Jim Abbott 01 Nov, 2016
The beauty and value of attending BOSCA is that it is ‘right-sized’ for every institution.  There are finite resources and opportunities on all of our campuses, but there is no ceiling on learning, sharing, and implementing innovative best practices. BOSCA does this in an efficient and open format that fosters immediate takeaways and results.

Tim McMurray
Athletic Director - Texas A&M University - Commerce

By Bob Peterson 01 Nov, 2016
I have attended the BOSCA workshop twice now. It is the most innovative and invaluable conference that small school administrators can attend. You are able to network with current and future industry leaders in a small setting and learn numerous ways on how to increase revenue at your institution.  Attending BOSCA is a must for those in our field.

Brian Sisson
Assoc. A.D. - External Relations - Lewis University
By Bob Peterson 09 Jul, 2016
BOSCA was the perfect balance of exchanging new ideas, discussing proven business tactics that are realistic for smaller athletic programs, and networking with industry peers and colleagues. The sessions provided me with outstanding knowledge and strategies that sparked my imagination and served as an immediate return on my investment when incorporating them in my own athletic department.

Jared Alexander
Asst. A.D. - External Operations - University of Missouri - St. Louis
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"We just got our first 'Preferred Hotel' commitment last week. If it had not been for the Business of Small College Athletics seminar last fall I would not have gotten the idea for this program. It netted us $4000. Not bad for our first one...  It certainly made the trip to OKC worthwhile, not to mention the fellowship with all the other attendees is always enjoyable. Thank you for putting on the seminar."

Mike Moore
Athletic Director - Mayville State University - NAIA
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"I have been involved in athletics for some 16 years but this is the first conference I have seen that really deals with practical Fund Raising techniques and ideas. This conference is good for folks that have been working in athletics for a while and those who are just getting into the business. I look forward to attending again in the near future."

Joey Wiginton
Special Assistant to the President, Faulkner University
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"The BOSCA Workshop was an excellent experience full of worthwhile information and practical exercises for a small college athletics administrator like me... However, the most valuable take-home from the workshop are the new connections made with impressive professionals who can relate to the challenges small college administrators face every day."

Sam Ferguson
Athletic Director - McMurry University
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"The Business of Small College Athletics is the perfect conference for administrators who have small staff sizes, tight budgets and limited resources. I left the conference with awesome ideas for corporate sponsorships, increasing our program’s visibility, event planning, and leveraging campus assets to benefit athletics."

Carolyn Stone
Athletic Director – Palm Beach Atlantic University
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"I am so glad that I attended this workshop. It is very helpful to hear how others face the same problems that I face on an annual basis. There are some great minds and ideas out there and the time spent in Oklahoma City is going to pay for itself many times over. And our students will be the prime beneficiary. I plan on being a regular!"

Tom Simmons

Athletic Director - Ohio Northern University - NCAA Div. III
By Bob Peterson 06 Jul, 2016
"I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to participate in this year’s BOSCA workshop. So many of us working in smaller college athletic programs wear a multitude of hats, and the information gathered at this event is incredibly valuable. It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss pertinent issues in our industry with some of the top small college administrators in the nation, and I intend to be back next year!"

Paul Smith
Arkansas Tech University - NCAA Div. II
By Bob Peterson 30 Jun, 2016

“The Business of Small College Athletics workshop is cutting edge, practical, useful, and was an excellent investment of my time and resources. Professional development seminars and workshops can be a risk, but BOSCA is a worthwhile endeavor to improve one's craft while expanding your professional network. I highly recommend BOSCA!”

Tony Duckworth
Athletic Director, Northeastern State University

By Bob Peterson 30 Jun, 2016
"The Business of Small College Athletics workshop was a great learning and networking opportunity for me. It was filled with pertinent topics and directly actionable items from a small college perspective. I was able to learn from and network with other administrators from across the country...who I am still
 in touch with today!"

Katie Caliendo  
Dir. of Athletic Marketing, Menlo College
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