• By Bob Peterson
  • 28 Jun, 2016

During a recent #scachat my buddy Jeff Bain (Athletic Director at Martin Methodist University and all around great guy) shared with the group that one of his resolutions for the new academic year was to “send two thank you notes out on Monday of every week.”   This post was retweeted and favorited by almost every participant in the chat.   It made me wonder if other Small College Athletic Administrators had similar goals/resolutions for the coming year.   See below their responses.

Jackie Paquette, Asst. A.D. for Student Support & Sports Information – Univ. of Indianapolis

My resolution is to create more meaningful relationships both within my department and within the intercollegiate athletics realm. I want to create these relationships to help my department and others succeed in any way I can.

Brandon Podgorski, Athletic Director – Indiana University – Kokomo

My focus this year is to make sure our student-athletes have more of a voice regarding their athletic and academic experience. If we’re doing something well then I want to continue it, if there is something we’re missing then I want to address and fix it. A memorable and meaningful college experience will create engaged athletic alumni.

Kelly Perry, Asst. A.D. for Compliance – Oklahoma City University

My resolution for the 2014-2015 season is to do at least one “special” thing for each team. Whether it be attend a retreat with them, go to an away game/match/meet, condition with them, participate in their community service project or bake some goodies for gameday, I want them to know I support everything they are doing!

Ryan Erwin, Athletic Director – Rogers State University

Going into the upcoming 2014-2015 Academic Year, which will be my first full year at Rogers State, I plan to attend at least one practice each week to help get more acquainted with our student-athletes, coaches, and support staff.

Blake Allen, Interactive Marketing Assistant – S.E. Oklahoma State University

To continue developing personally/professionally and finding ways to enhance the S-A experience while keeping the spotlight on them.

Ryan Ivey, Athletic Director – Texas A&M-Commerce University

Personally, must increase my patience and remember to enjoy & celebrate our successes more. Important to see the forest!

Audra Tope, Associate Commissioner – Great American Conference

Goal 1-organizing office plans/schedules.   Goal 2-putting legs to plans so they are all in process!   Goal 3-enhance current events.

Sean McAndrews, NCAA Compliance Officer – West Virginia State University

I want to assist our SID & AD in improving marketing, game administration, & social media areas!

Jeff Bain, Athletic Director – Martin Methodist University

We have to do a better job of branding our athletic venues. Too much success here and it's not reflected very well. (I gave Jeff two slots in this blog because he has great ideas and gave me the idea for this post!)

Lynnea Phillips – Aspiring Sports Professional

Pursuing a master's degree. 2: Get my first DI/pro sports exposure. 3: Work on enjoying the journey, rather than rushing it.

Brad Smith, Asst. A.D. for External Affairs – Morehead State University

Continuing to find ways to tell OUR STORY.     You can't rely on someone else to tell it for you.  

Kirby Garry, Athletic Director – Cal State University – Monterrey Bay

Be less reactive, more proactive. Be very visible in community with focus on telling our story, asking for support.

Brock Wissmiller, Assoc. A.D. External Affairs – Upper Iowa University

I want to surprise myself. I need to push my limits further & be better than I expect myself to be.

Samantha Rogers, Development and Alumni Relations– McGill University

1: Instill philanthropy among SAs    2: Elevate all team's fundraising and alumni relation programs - create a tighter Athletic family.

Nolan Steputis, Assoc. A.D. – Vanguard University

I plan to take more time out of my day/weeks and connect with our student athletes and impact their lives more.

Frank Keenan, Asst. A.D. External Affairs – Henderson State University

Work every day to make to the student-athlete experience better.

Matt Jones, Sr. Assoc. A.D. for External Relations – Delta State University

Find new avenues for professional and personal development.

Brandon Ruttley, Assoc. A.D. for External Affairs   - Nicholls State University

1.Get rid of the busy work so that I can spend more time on the road visiting with supporters. 2.Complete Facilities master plan.  

Paul Smith, Sports Information Director – Arkansas Tech University

Take advantage of as many professional development opportunities as is possible.

Stevie Baker-Watson, Athletic Director – Depauw University

We will focus on diversity & inclusion as a department.    Personally looking to gain more knowledge in development/fundraising.

Jim Abbott, Athletic Director – Oklahoma City University

Big one for me is "Celebrating." We tend to get bogged down in challenges rather than celebrating what we do well.

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